LOS ANGELES — Armenian National soccer team Manager Varuzhan Sukiasyan and captain,Borussia Dortmund midfielder, Henrikh Mkhitaryan met with reporters in Los Angeles in advance of friendly matches against Guatemala and El Salvador.

Sukiasyan and Mkhitaryan thanked the organizers of the friendly matches and expressed hope
that the stadium will be full of with Armenian supporters.

Following are some of questions and answers:

Your opinion on the Guatemala national team.
Well, it will be a good experience for us to play a Latin American team. So we will try to demonstrate our skills in the best light.

What do you think of the Armenian team’s chances to qualify for the World Cup final?
It will really be very hard in this group. But I believe we must try to step by step move forward. We need to really consider that we have a team which is just in the process of formation.

What would you recommend young football players who are just starting their career?
The first thing I can say is that everyone should fight to find his or her own place. Whenever you try to do something, you must really do your best. I would recommend that everyone believe in his or her power, be able to learn and win success. Anyone’s success depends only and exclusively on his or her own work.

What’s new over your transfer plans?
I am now fully concentrated on the Armenian team matches. So I will think about it later.

Which European teams do you think have higher chances in Euro 2016?
If I were given the choice, I would say Germany, England and France.

Are you likely to ever play in Los Angeles?
I have thought about that a lot. I may play here one day, and I am sure I will enjoy the Armenians’ support.

What’s your message to the Armenians in Los Angeles ahead of the Saturday match?
It is our pleasure to be here. What’s more important for me is that the matches are being held for charity purposes, and the proceeds will go to an Armenia-based fund aiding children with different diseases, as well as those without home. I am sure our fans will head to the stadium, so we will try to make them happy with a good game.

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