BERLIN (Reuters) – The German government backed away on Monday from a steadfast refusal to use the term “genocide” to describe the massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turkish forces 100 years ago after rebellious members of parliament forced its hand.

In a major reversal in Turkey’s top trading partner in the European Union and home to millions of Turks, Germany joins other nations and institutions including France, the European parliament and Pope Francis in using the term condemned by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said the government would support a resolution in parliament on Friday declaring it an example of genocide.

Germany had long resisted using the term “genocide” even though France and other nations have. But the coalition government came under pressure from parliamentary deputies in their own ranks planning to use the word in a resolution.

“The government backs the draft resolution…in which the fate of the Armenians during World War One serves as an example of the history of mass murders, ethnic cleansings, expulsions and, yes, the genocides during the 20th century,” Seibert said.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier had rejected using the word genocide in an ARD TV interview on Sunday, denying any suggestion it was being avoided to avoid upsetting Turkey. “Responsibility can’t be reduced to a single term,” he said.

Members of parliament in the conservative Christian Democrats and their Social Democrat (SPD) allies forced the change.

Analysts said that the reluctance until now from Germany, a country that works hard to come to terms with the Holocaust it was responsible for, was due to fears of upsetting Turkey and the 3.5 million Germans of Turkish origin or Turkish nationals living in Germany.

The German government also did not want to use the word due to concerns the Herero massacres committed in 1904 and 1905 by German troops in what is now Namibia could also be called genocide — leading to reparation demands.

“It’s a striking contradiction by the German government that Germany is denying the genocide of Armenians,” said Ayata Bilgin, a political scientist at Berlin’s Free University. “Research has shown that external pressure on countries can have a considerable influence and Germany could play a very important role in this discussion on Turkey.”

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  1. It is most Regrettable that Turkey threatens the U.S Presidents if Recognised the Armanian Masacre. Isn’t strange Saddam accused of Killing Kurds but Turkey is Not been stopped of killing Kurds. This is a shameful act by a major world Power. America calls Kurds Terrorist. Turkey sent a Battalion in civilian cloths complete with arms tanks and fully equipped joining ISISL Turkey may be responsible for Training and the killing of French and Belgian innocent people. Erdogan is only clever because Europe is stupid. I think the first shot in the arm to Erdogan is for Europe to expel Turkey from Nato… Then, close down their basis in Turkey without giving reason or explanation of their action. Turkey has proved over the centuries does Not give anything except threats… Sometimes diplomacy Must take a Pause. I don’t believe U.S is Chicken. The Turkish Lobby in the world must stop Senators are not poor and don’t need Turks money. To force Turkey to recognise Armenian Genocide All those involved Must come Clean and Recognise the Genocide. If they do this then Turkey will NOT Blackmail anyone anymore. end of story. Why I write this: I was about 6 years sitting on my Grandad and my arms around his neck; I asked him where is your Mum and Dad. He cried without stopping got me off his knees and walked away. I Never asked him this question again. When I was Ten asked him where he came from he said Mara’sh with fresh water stream and rides his horse on his land for hours.

    It is shameful and cowardly of nations who suffered similar fate and got recognised and don’t recognise others. I recognise that Governments chooses what to recognise . But, then logically, one comes to conclusion that the innocent ediots are in prison. The whole world know the role of Turkey. They want Ottoman rule of Europe after it Floods Europe with Moslems. I have Moslem friends more than Christians. Its too late for Europe to wake up. Also; the Gulf and the Middle East children and grand children whose ancestors suffered at the hands of Turkish rules…. they used to hang in every quarter to stop uprising.

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