By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian

Money, Money, Money … a worthless piece of paper not good enough to wipe your…with, but when called a Dollar or a Euro, people go mad for it – they’ll do strange things to get it, they’ll twist and turn, lie, cheat, beat and anything else to get a lot of it, they’ll genuflect before it, worship it as God Mammon, offer it their genitals, sell their bodies, whore their mothers, daughters and nowadays their sons too, and finally kill one another without a moment’s hesitation!

When Money turns into … Oil, the American Congressmen go instantly blind and see only black gold, sup with the Devil on gas-guzzling limos, ready to genocide any nation that dares defy their drunken passion for Petrol-drinks.

Four decades ago, I knew the Vice President of an American Tar company, who loved his million dollars untouched in the Bank so much, that he would force his wife to work (and brag about it to friends like us) only and only to pay his taxes through her own slave-labor she hated, merely to preserve the virginity of his dollar-account! His massive car, bigger than today’s rip-off one-bedroom flats in London, in a suburb of Chicago (Highland Park) exclusive to the super-duper-rich, was gold-plated … Mind you, he was a very nice guy, just a little too stingy – he was delighted his youngest daughter married in London, at a Registry office, in his absence, saving him the cost of a Highland Park wedding!

Anglo-Americans love their monies more than their own flesh-and-blood children. A woman friend of mine who has absolutely nothing except her gentle soul (and believes in Indian gurus) has an English blood-brother, who is a rocket-scientist and has everything, including a nasty money-obsessed wife – he took his poverty-stricken sister to a London court, went as far as incredibly charging her falsely of manslaughter merely to disinherit her of their Alzheimer-suffering mother’s house left by testament to her daughter – the totally corrupt English judge in awe of a rocket-scientist, drove my woman friend to a suicidal attempt that failed – thank God – and I myself (just out of open-heart surgery) had to suffer for several months the excruciating agony from the end of a telephone line at witching hours trying to persuade her not to throw herself under traffic .

The mysterious Power of Mammon that drives men and women thus mad and Governments to committing genocides lies in the abstract … poetry of its conceptual creation – for Money, initially as metallic coins – gold and silver, later copper – was man’s perhaps greatest intellectual invention, as long ago as 2,500 years. According to Herodotus, the Lydians, very close to Phrygian-Armenians (perhaps even a tribe of them!) were the first in History to mint coins at the beginning of the reign of their King Alyattes (reigned c. 610-550 BC) whose son was Croesus, whose wealth in pure gold was legendary, although he himself was a historical figure. It seems that the small river named Pactolus ran with gold in his kingdom – a myth tells of Midas, a King of the Armenian Phrygians, who suffered from the unbearable incurable disease New York and London City-Bankers would love to be infected with – whatever Midas touched, it turned into gold – he could not even feed himself any longer … he finally cured himself washing his hands in the waters of the River Pactolus, causing the Lydians to invent the very first consumerist society – they very cleverly invented not only the means of supply-and-demand, but also the very first mini shopping malls (in permanent locations!)

The philosophical transcendent concept of Money – that a worthless piece of metal or paper on the say-so of an authority can be instantly transfigured and exchanged for an object produced by hard labor of any kind – is indeed a peak of awesome cultural imagination and human intellectual achievement.

The Lydian coins were stamped with a vicious (wild open-mouthed) lion-head; the national totem of the Hittite-Armenians, with a sun-burst on the diadem – the symbol of the most ancient Sun-King Deity. It took mankind, the Chinese another thousand years to make the intellectual jump to inventing paper-money (about 960AD) equally worthless without authoritative endorsement by the Dragon-Emperor.

Highest Authorities, both east and west would annihilate to cinders any human that dared forge money – they would torture, maim, cut off limbs and finally heads of the forgers. Britain’s King designated its and the world’s greatest first Scientist Isaac Newton as the Master of the Royal Mint in 1699 – and the great scientist became a harsh punisher of counterfeiters.

Johanness Vermeer (1632-75), the great Dutch Old Master realist painter had a maternal grandfather; Balthazar Geretz, known locally in the city of Delft (in Holland, famous for its ceramic tiles), as an engineer and a clock-maker. Documents just found record that he was arrested in April 1619 for running a coin-counterfeiting operation with his son (the great Vermeer’s uncle). It was considered a very serious crime – against the State itself, as Europe was emerging into modernity from medieval kingdoms where under the guise of Alchemy, every prince and king nursed their own secret alchemists to discover the ‘chemical’ means of converting base metal into gold!

Two of Balthazar’s co-conspirators were tortured and beheaded, but the mastermind himself, Balthazar was inexplicably … freed, his case officially hushed up at the highest level, raising all sorts of modern critical doubts, from being a Dutch government spy to being a victim of horrendous injustice.

Recently, dated 18 May 2011, an article appeared on the internet site of the Swedish Time-Magazine type publication;

I think neither the writer of the piece, nor the editorial board is aware of the ultra sensational nature of the shocking material they have published. It is like announcing the sudden death of President Obama at his desk in the Oval Office!!

The article reveals and confirms to the whole world a most secret fact of economic fraud that may devastate in a day, in a second the American, Russian and Chinese economies at once, that these globalized (read for it Capitalist) economies are awash with a Noah’s Flood of forged dollars, that they are sitting on mountains and mountains … Himalayan mountain ranges of worthless useless paper, rough even for a toilet-paper!

It also calls the bluff that the capitalists earn an honest living through decent profits – they deceive, cheat, steal, loot, forge, blackmail, rip-off people for dishonest gain and indecent profits.

There is perhaps annually a trillion dollars-worth of dirty mafia-money circulating in the financial markets of the world from drugs, prostitution, blackmail, extortion, racketeering and murder, but dirty-money is at least serious money. Forged-money may be nice and clean and shiny, but it is of course not money at all – sheer worthless paper, cheaper than an illustrated children’s book with the Queen’s Technicolor head published by Oxford University Press at rip-off prices. Money-laundering is a mild-crime compared with money-counterfeiting.

Simultaneously with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the international money-markets were instantly flooded with forged-dollars in such a massive illegal ‘quantitative easing’ that the constipated KGB (resisting economic laxatives for half a century) was suspected by their CIA partners of the foul deed! Hitherto in the Capitalist West, forgers were so terrified of the medieval tradition of inconceivable tortures that they would deliberately produce bad copies as a potential argument for mitigating circumstances in case they were captured to be beheaded for counterfeiting. The emergent Russian mafia had no such inhibitions – their imitation Monopoly-money was technically so perfectly reproduced that the American government had neither the skill nor the resources to catch the forgeries … they had to let it be.

I remember seeing a Hollywood thriller about this suggesting that the Russians had actually successfully stolen the very original printing-moulds from the American Mint with the help of unpatriotic mafia-linked corrupt CIA operatives … the reason for which the counterfeit-dollars were impossible to capture as they were printed by the same moulds as the true dollars of the US government. If true, then for the first time in counterfeiting history, those forged dollars were in fact true … illegal, but true, and not counterfeits …This was regarded as the greatest foxiest conspiracy yet, a massive victory scored by the dying Soviet Union converting its KGB-dogs into the capitalist hyenas in the clothing of the new Russian Oligarchs.

The billions of the Russian Oligarch dollars sitting in the British tax-havens are in theory counterfeit, hence worthless, as are the trillions of the American government debt bought by the Chinese government-dollars accumulated by the underpaid and massively exploited Chinese labor force. The tragic irony is that, while the masses are starving in Russia, China and in the US, the stinking nets of extreme poverty are engulfing millions more globally into the poverty trap every day, the murderous mafia-oligarchs of those countries are building their paper-mansions on polluted counterfeited hot-air non-existent money … in other words, peoples of the world are dying for no-money in more senses than one!

And this grand secret hitherto brushed under the carpet as Hollywood fantasy is finally proven by the imprisonment of a totally innocent Armenian, George Karimi(an) pounced upon by the Chinese government, soon to become the world’s largest economy – a sweet and gentle family father, George is the son of frail old parents – British citizens – riddled with inconsolable grief, ignorant of all politics and economic theory, falsely charged and convicted and victimized, minced and crushed by inhuman bureaucrats with no conscience or basic human decency.

How can the Chinese and Swedish bureaucrats sleep at night snatching the life out of Armenian parents who live by the breath of their children … I found the British Armenian parents of George Karimi living in London in a ground floor council-flat on an estate near Ealing Broadway – and it was heart-breaking – put yourself in the shoes of his mother receiving a phone-call one day from her bride in Sweden saying that her son is imprisoned in … China for life! It tells a lot about the resilience of a traditional Armenian mother and her husband who can hardly walk because of several crippling illnesses that they were comforting me, as I was crying for their son …

I am all for the Chinese Communist Party. Unlike the CIA murderers, I do not wish them dead. The founders of Communism – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – had common ground in Judeo-Christian beliefs of a compassionate society with social justice. Similarly, the Chinese Communist Party led by Mao Zhe Dong and his comrades produced the greatest benefit for the peoples of China. And their brand of communism had common ground with Confucianism embedded in the Chinese Soul. Unfortunately, Mao in old age went senile mad as he invented the Red Guards and their un-cultural evolution!

What appalls me is the lack of intelligence on behalf of the corrupt Chinese government bureaucrats – bureaucrats of all nations throughout history have always manifested great stupidity – nevertheless in this case, the mindlessness of the Chinese, and the Swedish Government in awe and terror of the global propaganda about the Chinese future potential, is mind-boggling. They should have displayed the intelligence of the Dutch bureaucrats of Delft city in the 17th century, to quietly free George Karimi with a massive compensation for deliberate wrongful imprisonment. The Dutch had the foresight three hundred years ago to free Vermeer’s guilty grandfather … but the modern Chinese, by imprisoning George Karimi, had the stupidity of confirming the world’s greatest economic fraud committed by the Russian mafia pandering to and practicing American imperialist globalization.

The American Government-plan for eventual world domination is long-standing and a mathematical constant – it pops up in every emergent socio-sexual military-economic formula of world-governance. The American love-affair with Arab Oil-producers and the promotion of genocide as a military-industrial collateral necessity are by now globally well-established.

One disguise less noticed is the American government manipulation (for imperialist domination) of other national economies through the global use of the Dollar – every South American Banana-Republic created by the CIA post Second World-War would immediately adopt the Dollar as the basis of its economy, and long term monetary-fiscal policy. The nasty habit is still going on under our congested noses – every East European ex-Soviet satellite economy, un-absorbed by the European Union, goes berserk-mad for the Dollar, including the economies of the countries in the Caucasus; Armenia-Georgia-Azerbaijan. Although the latter have issued post-Soviet national currency, the preferred mode of Business transactions including prostitution is dollar-based, especially the immense national wealth looted by the mafia-oligarchs.

The release of the Noah’s floodgates of counterfeit dollars is the greatest economic whack the Soviet Union could imprint on the American imperialist fat-ass. The irony is that the Chinese are themselves innocent victims of this, and they simply are at a loss as how to secure their genuine dollars, and ensure that their dollars are genuine and not counterfeit from the Russian mafia photo-copying …

China’s unforgivable error, unfit for a Communist Party act, was the genocidal victimization of an innocent Armenian.

George Karimi(an) is a child of the nation that had the misfortune of being an inconvenient obstacle in Historical Anatolian Armenia (in today’s Turkey) to the imperialist plans of the German Kaiser who plagued the globe with then First World War, to genocide first of all 1.5 million Armenians, with the help of the Ottoman Young Turks.

Kaiser Wilhelm II had just exercised his genocidal muscles in South Africa on the Herero, then on the Boxer Rebels of China, beheading them in 1901 in the streets of Beijing …

Our George went to Beijing with rosy-pink glasses on, excited by the Chinese Communist Party’s noble plans to improve the life of the ordinary Chinese citizens, following the great leader Deng Xiaoping’s dictum that ‘Wealth creation is good’. George believed in decent capitalism, the type the Chinese Government is pursuing today.

Little could George guess that he was to become the victim of the totally corrupted faction of the government which the Chinese Communist Party itself is trying to eliminate!

The Father of ancient Armenian History, Movsess Khorenatsi (5th c. AD) wrote of a Chinese Nobleman who escaped the horrendous civil wars in China to find safe haven in ancient Armenia and became the progenitor of the Mamikonian aristocratic clan dedicated to the military defense of the Armenian Kingdom. Fifteen centuries later, George went to China in the 21st c. to find … imprisonment.

In October 2003, Gorge K was suddenly and inexplicably arrested, precisely (by a strange mysterious coincidence) as Mr.K in Kafka’s fictional novel (The Trial), but in George’s case, on a strange and most ridiculous charge of … ‘violent resistance’ – to what, to whom? – by then it seemed a stereotype used by the corrupt factions in the Chinese

Government to cover up the bigger rotten capitalist fish and sharks of the Communist Party.

Oblivious to the inhumanity of overcrowded Chinese prison-cells, where inmates are shown daily the heartbreaking videos of the unbearable agonies of relatives of those condemned to be shot; it took the Chinese government injustice … two whole years to convert their ridiculous charge of violent resistance to the very serious trumped up one of selling counterfeit-dollars …

George had a friend, called Milap, from India. During the SARS epidemic scare, concerned about Milap’s well-being, not having heard from him, George had gone to Milap’s flat to see if he was ok, when he gets arrested as he rings the bell. Now in January 2005, put on a show trial, George discovered that Milap was his sole accuser, and most mysteriously, inexplicably and incredibly was already safely packaged … out of the country back into India.

The corrupt Chinese judiciary had punished Milap by … sending him safely back home to India. Surely, no government authority anywhere in the world could display greater stupidity. Anyone hearing this would laugh their heads off, were the consequences not so tragic for another innocent human being.

At his show-trial, George was crestfallen to hear a hilarious story that he had supposedly instructed Milap to meet two … Singapore citizens at a hotel in Beijing to … sell them for 73,000 dollars, hidden in (very funny this!) ten large notebooks … 128,300 counterfeit American paper-dollars (in Swedish, falska amerikanska dollar i sedler).

The Singapore men – were they ethnically Chinese? Agents of rotten Chinese Communist Party Big Fish? – were caught with a small – why small? – amount of counterfeit dollars – why not the full agreed amount of 73,000? – at the airport on 7 October, 2003, two days before George had voluntarily gone to Milap’s flat to be happily arrested like a fool. Surely, if George was the mastermind of such a clever global operation, he would be intelligent enough not to get arrested searching for his Indian friend!

More stupendous Chinese bureaucratic hilarity follows – on 9 October, while George is safely in their cell, the Chinese police miraculously find … 41 large notebooks – it seems the original ten had … spawned like fish into forty-one, and (wait for this, with a handkerchief to your nose to blow it, out of uncontrollable laughter), containing additional 534,000 dollars in forged notes …

And what happened to those half a million actual counterfeit dollars captured?

Did anyone witness the Chinese communist party police burning them?

I bet they are already in the bank account of a corrupt Communist Party official … while our poor George, the red apple of his mother’s eyes in floods of tears in London, was described as the leader and the mastermind of the hilarious operation, obviously with a magic wand fertilizing the number of the notebooks and printing counterfeit dollars from his toilet-cell, watched by Chinese Red Guards showing him obscene video films of relatives … dying of grief for their loved ones ticked for shooting the next day like sitting ducks.

Obviously, clear as sunshine after rain, there is a massive operation of fake-dollars being produced by the likes of the Singapore citizens and Indian men like Milap, for which reason they are not even brought to court, to safely continue their useful operation for the corrupt capitalist factions of the Chinese communist billionaires …

Milap had even the bad conscience of later withdrawing his charges completely (not even partly), confirming from India that he had incriminated himself and George under torture. The timid Defense had produced Milap’s written oath in Court exonerating George of all guilt – Chinese lawyers are trained not to mount vigorous defiance of the Judge acting as a Communist Party functionary.

Incredibly, George was still rubber-stamped automatically as “Guilty” on 19th December 2005. It takes another … two years for the corrupt Chinese judiciary to silence their communist conscience and condemn George in 2007 to Life-imprisonment. Thus, the Chinese authorities tried to simultaneously cover-up the political nature of the case by converting it into a charge purely of economic crime.

The kind and noble, and decent Armenian that George is, moved the guilty conscience of the righteous faction of the Chinese Communist party to commute his Life to 18 years, appreciating George’s good behavior. Moreover, in the summer of 2010, the same faction releases George Karimi finally to the Swedish Government, who transfers him directly to a Swedish … jail – Storboda-anstalten, North of Stockholm.

The Swedish government brags about the success of its “silent diplomacy”… letting the Chinese corrupt government-factions devastate the freedom – the most precious and priceless Human right – of an innocent Swedish citizen for seven interminable years. The measure of the Swedish government’s pathetic success is that they intend to keep our innocent noble Armenian in prison … for another five long years.

Does not the great King of Sweden possess any clout with the Chinese government to free our George immediately, on the hard-core evidence of Milap’s witness statement of George’s innocence? The King’s ancestor, Gustav the Vth had the courage to negotiate with Satan himself, Mr. Hitler, for a humane treatment of the Jews!

What does George Karimi’s political show trial cover-up? That the counterfeiting of Dollars by the Chinese criminals is still going on, in imitation of and competition with the Russian mafia; centered probably in Singapore; by agents like Milap, free to operate enriching the totally corrupt Chinese Communist oligarchs.

I have no doubts in my mind – well-aware of the Chinese mindset through some knowledge of its simple yet complicated language – the Confucian Good Communists of China would be delighted if the Swedish government had the wisdom and subtlety of freeing George Karimi immediately from his … Swedish prison. Otherwise, why would they release him at all if their state-criminal charge was genuine? They would have shot him already …

Confucius was full of sardonic wit and humor which Western admirers unfortunately never grasp; in the very first Book of The Analects (Arcturus Publishing, London, 2010, pp. 9-10), when one of his disciples, the philosopher Yu tries to … philosophize on Virtue in a long-winded fashion showing the Master kow-towing filial affection, Confucius does not hesitate to cut him short and out by a devastating quip on private flattery and hypocrisy – “Artful speech and an ingratiating demeanor rarely accompany virtue”, which is very much the case of the Swedish Government foot-licking the Bad money-mad Chinese Communist Capitalists!

Unfortunately the new-found hypocrisies of recent Swedish governments (post Olaf Palme’s still mysterious assassination) keen on pleasing official America by denying its best humanist Socialist traditions of the past – the envy of the whole world – now trying to modernize and globalize within the US free market paradigm, and in terror of the future power of Chinese Capitalism, is victimizing its own citizen George Karimi merely to indulge the corrupt faction of the Bad Communists in-power in the Chinese Government.

George is completely innocent as Jesus Christ was – and the Swedish Government must not play the role of Pontius Pilate, washing its hands off.

The Swedish Government must not betray the humanitarian tradition of its good men, like Edvard Vilhelm Siőblom, a Swedish Missionary who was brave enough to lead an international protest movement in 1897 from London – the evil heart of the British Empire – against one of the most powerful and murderous monarchs of Europe, King Leopold II of Belgium, who had killed over 10 million (some put the figure at 30 million) Africans, half the population of Congo, genocided barbarically, hands and heads chopped off in Rubber plantations – the Black Gold of the times!

The Swedish Government, instead of shaming itself by keeping a political prisoner of conscience, could encourage the Good among the factions of the Chinese government by reminding them – like a true Confucius – that their great modernizer and wealth-creator, Deng Xiaoping was himself purged twice during the Cultural Revolution, and his totally innocent son Deng Pufang was tortured by the mad Red Guards and forced out of a window in a 4-storey building … saved miraculously from certain death, though a paraplegic today.

The Good Communists of China must refrain from such murderous acts.

The Swedish Government Pilate must immediately free George, innocent like Deng Pufang, before he is crucified (like Deng Xiaoping’s son), as George’s health is neglected and deteriorating – he simply cannot survive another five years of unfair, unjust and inhuman incarceration. George is only human – he lacks Christ’s divine strength and power.

The Swedish Government, faithful to its own humanitarian Socialist principles must encourage the Good Communists of the Chinese Government to see Justice done and not side with rampantly evil market forces destroying human decencies.

FREE GEORGE KARIMIAN IMMEDIATELY I say – The sole political prisoner of Conscience in Sweden, and compensate him for his lost youth!

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