The proceedings of an academic conference organized by AEBU/NSCA in October 2012 at Woodbury University (Burbank, CA) have been published this month in a groundbreaking book entitled “The Armenian Social Democrat Hnchakian Party: Politics, Ideology, and Transnational History.” Edited by Professor Bedross Der Matossian and published by I.B.Tauris, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing UK, this pioneering book delves into the intricate history of the Social Democrat Hnchakian Party (SDHP). This significant Armenian revolutionary group operated in the Ottoman Empire, Russia, Persia, and the global Armenian diaspora, positioning itself within the broader context of global revolutionary movements.

The book meticulously dissects the origins, ideology, and regional history of the SDHP, exploring these aspects in detailed sections. Through insightful research, contributing scholars investigate the SDHP’s role in 19th and 20th-century debates about socialism, populism, and nationalism. Beyond Armenian matters, the SDHP had a foundational Marxist perspective that defined its identity as a revolutionary political party. Scholars in the book draw on their expertise in languages and histories, including Armenian, Russian, Turkish, French, and Persian, to study the party’s emergence, its interactions with contemporary political parties, and its significance in pivotal events like the Armenian genocide, the formation of the first Armenian Republic, and the Soviet Armenia era.

Crucially, the book sheds light on the SDHP’s significance not only in Armenian historiography but also in the broader realm of transnational revolutionary movements. It reveals the intricate relationships the SDHP established across borders, exploring its interactions with other revolutionary groups, its ideological evolution, and the challenges it faced in its pursuit of social change and an independent united homeland.

“The Armenian Social Democrat Hnchakian Party: Politics, Ideology, and Transnational History” serves as a testament to meticulous research, scholarly rigor, and intellectual curiosity in historical inquiry. Edited by Professor Bedross Der Matossian, as part of his series “Armenians in the Modern and the Early Modern World,” this volume enriches the literature on Armenian history and global revolutionary movements. Its pages not only document the past but also provide a lens through which readers can comprehend the complexities of transnational political ideologies and the enduring impact of revolutionary fervor across diverse landscapes.

By embracing this scholarly work, readers can embark on a transformative journey through the corridors of history, gaining profound insights into the revolutionary spirit and the challenges faced by Armenians that continue to shape our world today.
For readers eager to explore the SDHP’s legacy, the book is available for purchase

through reputable online platforms, including Bloomsbury Publishing’s official website 

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