Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron during a video conference call

PARIS — France accused Turkey on Thursday of sending Syrian mercenaries to fight in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on Azerbaijan’s side.

“We have information that indicates with certainty that Syrian fighters from jihadist groups have transited through [the Turkish city of] Gaziantep to reach the theatre of operations in Nagorno-Karabakh,” said French President Emmanuel Macron “This is a very serious new fact, which changes the situation.”

“We have agreed with President [Donald] Trump and President [Vladimir] Putin to exchange all the information we have on this situation and to draw all the consequences”, Macron added as he arrived for a summit with other European Union leaders in Brussels.

According to Macron’s office, the French and Russian presidents “shared their concern regarding the sending of Syrian mercenaries by Turkey to Nagorno-Karabakh” when they spoke by phone on Wednesday night.

  1. These nice words by France are greatly appreciated.

    But Armenia and Artsakh need much more than that now.

    France recently sent warships to the eastern Mediterranean to counter Turkish threats.

    France could easily send soldiers and weapons to help Armenia and do it now.

    Why is it that Turkey and Israel can send soldiers/personnel and weapons to Azerbaijan, but France cannot?

    Do Turkey and Israel (who currently despise each other) have special rights in this world while France does not?

    Armenian Americans also need to speak up against Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee and its president David Harris. They, along with Israel, have been 100% committed to supporting Azerbaijan.

    Recall how certain of the leading Jewish American organizations (AJC, AIPAC, JINSA, ADL, etc.) were denying the Armenian genocide and helping Turkey to defeat Armenian genocide resolutions in Congress.

  2. The US says it is engaged in a War on Terror.

    Yet it has not condemned the terrorists that Azerbaijan and Turkey have brought in to fight Armenians.

    In other words, the US War on Terror is a fake.

    Similarly, the EU and NATO say they are against terrorism.

    Yet they too have not condemned Azerbaijan and Turkey for bringing in terrorists.

    So the EU and NATO are phony too when it comes to fighting terrorism.

    This phony, hypocritical aspect of the US, NATO and EU attitudes must be pointed out to embarass them.

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