Mary Terzian-bookLOS ANGELES — Award-winning author, Mary Terzian’s second book, “Politically Homeless – a Five-Year Odyssey Across three Continents” of multicultural nonfiction genre, was published by Author House in July 2015. It is the story of every child born outside his/her homeland. Whether they are called anchor or passport babies, or birthright citizens, they belong to a phantom populace growing up with a split identity, due to their allegiance to immigrant parents and to their actual country of residence. Even if granted citizenship, they remain unsure of their genuine nationality. “Where do I really belong?” leads to an unwarranted guilt feeling.

Born in Cairo to immigrant parents who were escapees from the Armenian genocide, Terzian grew up in her ethnic community. Her quest for independence and her need for a sense of belonging led her to an uncommon global search to find a venue where she could feel at home and fulfill her aspirations as a writer. Terzian’s future in Egypt was clouded when Arabic became the official language of the country to be taught in all schools. A graduate of an English high school, she was barely conversant in Arabic. Armenia was a phantom land behind the iron curtain. Traveling abroad from Egypt was restrained to business and medical trips only. Her affiliation with the United Nations and language proficiency paved the way for re-assignment in Leopoldville, Congo, where civil war was rampant. “…Terzian’s exploration of her expatriate status in Africa raises questions about what it means to have a home country – or even a home (Kirkus Reviews).” After a five-year itinerant and tumultuous life, including a flight back to Leopoldville aboard a plane loaded with mercenaries, Terzian’s limited options led her to legal immigration to the United States, far beyond her expectations.

Kirkus reviews has classified “Politically Homeless…” as “An often charming memoir that intertwines personal and political histories.” Her books are globally available on and similar digital stores in e-book format and paperback. They are also sold in regular bookstores.

Terzian has lived in California for the last forty-five years. She classifies herself as an “imported American.” She is a member of Writers’ Club of Whittier and blogs at Her articles on line can be located with search word Mary Terzian. She is active on Facebook and Linkedin. Additional information about her activities can be gathered at

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