We commemorate the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide under difficult conditions of the pandemic that has engulfed the world. The state of emergency has forced us to suspend public events and protests, from Los Angeles to Yerevan.

The SDHP joins the special events dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and welcomes the consolidation and unity of organizations and structures of the Los Angeles Armenian community.

For the Armenian nation, who have lived through the tragedy of the Genocide and experienced the brutal conditions of massacres and deportations, the current hardships are incomparable to the sufferings that our ancestors have endured at the turn of the last century and lost 1.5 million souls at the hands of the Turkish government.

This year, the occasion is being commemorated with online events and humanitarian initiatives throughout the diaspora communities, as a testament that we remain faithful to the legacy of our martyrs and continue our mission to keep their memory alive, until justice is restored. On this occasion, once again we reaffirm our slogan of “We Remember And We Demand.”

During these extraordinary times we took the opportunity to carry out programs to serve meals to 1.5 million needy citizens and donate much needed blood to the American Red Cross to express our gratitude to the American people and charitable organizations that have lent a helping hand to the Genocide survivors and sheltered Armenian orphans.

Until the present time, the Turkish government continues its attempts to distort history and carries out its policy of Genocide denial. However, over the past year, the recognition of the Genocide has gained new momentum. Our consistent struggle has been crowned with new successes in the US Congress. The House of Representatives and the Senate recognized and reaffirmed the fact of the Armenian Genocide. Not withstanding the Turkish government’s protests and threats and attempts by the administration to block the passage of the resolutions, the people’s representatives remained steadfast and with near unanimous vote, ratified the resolutions recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

These days, as all nations, Armenians are also fighting the pandemic. We are more than confident that in Armenia and the Diaspora we will be able to overcome this crisis with minimal human and economic losses, and next year, we will once again ascend to the martyrs Monument at the hills of Tsitsernakaberd in Yerevan, flood the streets of Los Angeles, Beirut and other cities, and raise our voices in protest against the Turkish government, until justice is restored and the Armenian people are compensated for their sufferings.

Until then, let’s stay healthy and safe.

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