MADRID ( — The president of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Bako Sahakyan, believes in the independence and power of the army of his country, to which he has devoted his life, he says in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

According to the NKR president, there has been tension on the contact line between the Azerbaijani and NKR forces for a long time. During all those years, the NKR government has attempted to attract the international community’s attention to the problem emphasizing that Azerbaijan’s actions would have fatal consequences. Unfortunately, that happened, and Azerbaijan initiated a large-scale military action against the NKR in the beginning of April.

Bako Sahakyan notes that as usual, the Armenian nation supported them in the NKR defensive actions. “Every Armenian, no matter in what corner of the world he live, feels a responsibility tosupport us at least morally, and it will always be so,” Bako Sahakyan notes.

According to the NKR president, their struggle for independence is welcomed by many countries and nations, as they understand that Azerbaijan’s policy is a threat not only to Armenia and Karabakh, but also to the whole world. “It is a threat to the values of the international community. Russia, France, and the OSCE Minsk Group undertake certain measures for the peaceful regulation of the conflict,” the president highlights.

Bako Sahakyan notes that Azerbaijan started the attack and attempted to capture the NKR territory using its whole military arsenal. The NKR Defense Army gave a well-deserved response obliging the enemy to give up its initial plan. As a result, the Azerbaijani militaries could capture only two positions in the northern and southern directions. For that aim, they used heavy artillery and most of their military arsenal.

Bako Sahakyan also notes that Azerbaijan was spreading misleading information about a unilateral ceasefire, while shelling the NKR settlements. He expresses hope that the Azerbaijani authorities will refrain from actions, which can lead to a new escalation of the conflict.

Talking about the residents of the frontline villages, the NKR president notes that the question is whether the Azerbaijani side will implement the agreements about the ceasefire. “We do our best to make the Azerbaijani authorities respect those agreements,” he notes and emphasizes that the NKR government continues to help the evacuated residentsof the frontline villages.

Bako Sahakyan notes that the NKR population has lived in tension for many years, and ceasefire violations take place on a daily basis. “Most importantly, we have made certain conclusions and will undertake proper measures in order to prevent similar actions by the enemy in the future,” the NKR president sums up.

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