YEREVAN — The S.D. Hunchakian “Sarkis Dkhrouni” Student and Youth Union issued a statement appealing to the judicial authorities of Armenia to reconsider their decision placing famous Armenian actor Vardan Petrosyan into pre-trial detention.

It is an indisputable fact that there has been a great tragedy with Vardan Petrosyan’s involvement in the car accident, which resulted in the death of two teenagers, an unforgivable and irreversible situation under any circumstance. However, in our opinion, it is immoral to keep an injured and ailing Vardan Petrosyan in prison, especially while getting full medical treatment outside of prison will not obstruct the investigation. In addition, the actor himself has stated he has no intention of leaving Armenia.

We urge an amendment to the decision placing Petrosyan in custody, enabling the great artist to wait for a verdict or at the very least, his freedom be deliberated at end of the investigation. At the same time, we consider this case to remain beyond any political consideration and exploitation to stay impartial in the legal and moral domain.

  1. I am a huge, unconditional fan of Vartan Bedrossian. —

    His support group is using the slogan “we are all Vartan Petrossian”. —

    This is a very bad choice for a slogan. It is very counter-productive. —

    It establishes an ill-advised parallel with Hrant Dink (when they killed him, the crowd was chanting “we are all Hrant Dink”). —

    This will not help Vartan. —

    Because : —

    a) it makes an analogy between the Armenian State and the Turkish State (it is too extreme, from any serious point of view…) —

    b) it will offend those who consider Hrant Dink as a semi-divine Hero… and who will thus consider that his comparison with Vartan is too pretentious. —

    c) it will not be well received either by those who do not consider Hrant Dink as… such a Hero, but who do like Vartan very much… —

    d) Vartan is not killed, nor is he going to be killed – seriously speaking – (while, alas, there are people who did lose their lives, in the accident…) —

    Said slogan also comprises a political message which is not welcomed at all by a lot of Armenians, since the “we are all Hrant Dink / we are all Armenians” slogan chanted by (an insignificant fraction) of Turks expresses the idea of (premature and naïve) Turkish-Armenian so-called “reconciliation”, etc. —

    I am sure that Vartan’s support group can come up with a more appropriate – and productive – slogan. —

    I feel very bad for the man. I believe that he is a true genius, and that he did not deserve what is happening to him. Which does not mean in any way that I do not share – as much as possible… – the pain of the families of the deceased. This is a horrible, horrible tragedy. —

    Asdvads okné. —

    Haytoug Chamlian, Canada —

  2. Due process, innocent until proven guilty after the man has recovered from injuries and can stand trial. But to put in prison while serious injury is not only unhuman but lacks the moral justice society needs.
    I demand the release of Vardan Petrosyan ASAP until he is able to stand trial under a fair justice system.

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