By Odette Bazil

On Thursday 29th December 2011, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, became a very very angry man as the French Parliament adopted a new law stating: whoever would deny publicly the veracity of the Armenian genocide would be prosecuted, sent to jail for one year and made to pay a fine of 45.000 EUROS.
In his anger Mr Erdogan ordered his Foreign Office to produce a “World Map of Friends and Foes“ where the countries whose governments, parliaments and NGOs have already recognised the Armenian genocide would be marked with a dot in RED, the ones who had declared that they were to recognise it in ORANGE, the ones who were likely to recognise it imminently in PINK, the ones who might recognise it in late future in GREEN and the ones who would never recognise it in BLUE: to his despair the map looked like a bouquet of RED, ORANGE and PINK barbed spikes which transpierced his heart and made him angrier and angrier.
Then he gathered his men of confidence: they too were angry. They adopted immediately the easiest option: to stop the entry of French goods into Turkey and – instead – to spend the billion dollars in England where the Brits would welcome it with open arms as Mr Erdogan knew that secretly the Brits were delighted about the situation and that publicly they had declared their disapproval at the adoption of such law! (While all this was being discussed, Mr Erdogan in his mind could see himself facing the anger of his wife at not finding her favourite perfumes, scarves and latest French dresses and shoes anymore if French goods were to be embargoed! Well, he though we can always send her to Harrods in London where she will find what she likes: the Brits will NEVER do what the French did! On the map, the largest blue dot is in England!!! )
The production of the map was immediately praised as a very good idea and they all sat down and studied it: to their anguish they found too many red dots concentrated in Europe! that made them even angrier! Were they to treat each country the red dots represented with the same policy adopted against France? They shivered in their seats: if yes, then they would never be allowed to enter the exclusive club of European Union! This way they would surround themselves with 22 more enemies (the 22 countries who had already recognised the genocide) 22 countries made enemies by their own proper Turkish hands! They cursed their ancestors for a job badly done and lamented: why had few thousands Armenians been allowed to escape the genocide and been allowed to remain alive? Why!!!! Why had some of their churches been spared? In Turkey and specially in the lands taken from the Armenians,we should have done to them what our Azeri cousins did to their graves and their Khatchkars (cross-headstones) in Jugha: break their monuments, bulldozer them and build our own military camps over them! This way no one could inspect! Look! now they are creating all sorts of problems… and these are serious problems“
Then they studied the orange dots: maybe we can adopt a different policy regarding the countries who have not yet recognised but are considering to recognise the genocide and stop them from recognition? Maybe we can convince our Azeri cousins to offer their land nearest to the Iran border to install anti-missile bases against Iran to humor Israel and stop them from recognising the genocide? This idea gave them a reprieve: they smiled and congratulated each other. Yes this is what we will do. We have to stop Israel in that recognition because the very moment that Israel recognises the genocide (Allah forbid!), the Americans and the Brits will follow suit… and we must prevent that at any cost. Any cost.
Among the pink dots on the map the one that worried them most was the Vatican: what has transpired now that they have opened their vaults? Will every document and every report sent to Vatican during the genocide be read and be published? How to stop that? Against such documents, how are we going to deny the truth anymore? Who will accept our lies? Because what is kept in there (they meant the Vatican) if made public will be our downfall and can immediately trigger a dangerous and unbreakable chain of recognitions.. and we must prevent that too at any cost. Any cost.
Examining the blue dots calmed them for a short period: there was England (completely painted blue) where not a single red or orange or pink or even green dot was to be seen… but what is this? some red and orange dots were already appearing on the British Isles: Wales was to be monitored closely now where Armenian cross-headstones were being erected on Welsh Council owned land to remember the victims of the genocide and where Welsh Parliament was adopting a Declaration of recognition of the genocide… but Thanks for England, Good Friend, Good Ally; England! where, in the heat of WW1, aware of the genocide in 1915, British historians had been commissioned to research their Parliamentary Hansards, gather and publish daming reports on the genocide in their Blue Book called “Treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-23 “.. but now our friends are rejecting the book, declaring it void and useless and labelling it “war propaganda”, helping us in our denial and getting us off the hook. Thanks be to Allah! Praised be to friendship and loyalty!
Laughingly they discussed and wondered if British Dignitaries, MPs or even Royals who have publicly denied the Armenian genocide in UK will travel to France now and if asked the same question in France will give the same negative response, knowing that they will be sent to prison in France and be made to pay 45.000 EUROs?…. they chuckled in delight .
America too was painted in blue; but its map was very confusing: some red, orange and pink dots were scattered everywhere from North to South and East to West, representing these damn Armenian lobbyists, NGOs, local Governments, organisations and even some Parliaments: with a sigh of anguish (“these bloody Armenians !!!… “) they decided that America too was to be monitored very closely, despite all the reassuring promises received from the Authorities.
At last they looked at Turkey on the map. Then they looked at each other: how long before some wretched red dots appear on the map? How long before some ill-fated Turkish teacher prints the truth in our children’s books? How many more historians, reporters, publishers, activists, authors and men of conscience must we imprison or kill to stop this hysteria? Then they congratulated themselves for having created and adopted Penal Code 301: with this law in place no one will ever dare talk about the Armenians and their genocide. If they do, then we will throw them in jail, confiscate their properties, burn their offices o … just kill them. Yes. Yes. That’s what we will do.
But the smiles were hesitant, the congratulations were lukewarm and the handshakes were weak. They were looking at that “Map of Friends and Foes” and – relunctantly – came to realise that their efforts to deny a historic fact were fruitless: the number of red dots was increasing every day and soon was bound to cover the whole map because when the snow melts, every stone, no matter how small or how deeply buried, will be exposed for all to see. With a black fear and blind anger in their hearts , they all agreed: the snow has started to melt.
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