YEREVAN — Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian received the participants of the 8th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists from 27 countries. Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan was present at the meeting.

Nalbandian presented the diplomatic priorities of Armenia, particularly the leading role of Armenia in the mission of Genocide condemnation and prevention of new crimes and detailed on Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement process. The Minister also touched upon the situation in the Middle East, Syrian crisis and the assistance rendered to Syrian-Armenians.

Referring to Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement, Minister Nalbandian said, “I have mentioned about this in the past, but after getting acquainted to the recent announcements from Baku, I have to reiterate that Azerbaijanis have lost the sense of reality. They have lost it to such an extent that they try to deliver the myths created by themselves for their domestic audience to the international community.

Baku insists that it is ready to mutual concessions. How much is the size of the concessions according to Baku? Ensuring Nagorno Karabakh’s security? As they suggest, or the peaceful co-existence between the two peoples? This is more like a threat but not a concession. If you do not do what we say, there will be no peace. Granting autonomy? Azerbaijan has had no control over Nagorno Karabakh since the collapse of the Soviet Union, let alone now. And now it suggests autonomy under its control and presents it as a concession? This means that it offers something as a concession while Artsakh has much more today.

The Azerbaijani leadership announced recently that the proposals of the Co-chairs go in conformity with theirs. But only a day before these announcements the Azerbaijani president confessed that he is pressured by the international community to recognize the independence of Nagorno Karabakh, but he resists. If the stances are in harmony, Azerbaijan should recognize the independence of Artsakh instead of resisting” Edward Nalbandian said, adding that the heads of the Co-chair countries have expressed their positions in the 5 famous statements. “If these positions are in conformity with those of Azerbaijan, why does Azerbaijan do everything to avoid taking the set of principles enshrined in the statements as basis for negotiations and even disdains making references to them like it happened during the Riga summit of the Eastern Partnership, from where the Azerbaijani delegation simply fled?” the Foreign Minister said.

The Foreign Minister of Armenia also brought numerous examples of Azerbaijani frauds and myths about freedoms in their countries that after some time were put under serious doubts by reputable international organizations.

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