In the aftermath of the 44-day war in Artsakh, the members of the former regime in Armenia are back on the scene trying to seize power by unlawful means which is causing concern in the Diaspora and the Homeland.

These days, when our nation is in difficult circumstances and is facing many predicaments and challenges, instead of calling for cooperation, these forces are taking advantage of the situation to destabilize the country. Their public pronouncements and actions are aimed at turning the clock of history, hoping to return to the old days of a  corrupt government of the decades past.

We are also concerned about the calls made by some Diaspora Armenian political and non-political organizations, which in no way contribute to the interests of the Homeland and, on the contrary, cause divisions within the community, returning us to the undesirable situations of the past that we should all avoid. The Diaspora is a mosaic of multishade thinking and opinions, where no single organization can express the views of the entire community.

The question of who should be the prime minister of Armenia will be settled exclusively by the will of the majority of the citizens of the country, within the framework of the Constitution and through free and fair elections. We, as Diaspora organizations, must stand with the people of Armenia to help bring the Homeland out of today’s difficult circumstances.

In this regard, we call on all elements of the community not to contribute in any way to the deterioration of the situation inside Armenia and the deepening of the division, from which we will all suffer immensely.

S.D. Hunchakian Party
Western USA Executive Committee

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